Exit, pursued by a bear
I am just a person and I am trying very hard. I think.

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I will draw them toooo


I will draw them toooo

Wanting desperately to tell someone that you have amorous feelings for them but terrified of the idea of them not responding to your message.

I need someone I’m attracted to to genuinely flirt with me because I forget how it works

jack: i was definitely looking for a cummings poem once and i googled "cumming men women" and i saw the results and it was like... well, google, you gave me what i asked for



Keith Haring murals at Rush Hospital, Chicago.


I saw some of his stuff in Chicago!

On that note, people who criticize or otherwise provide feedback on writing that they haven’t read thoroughly make me so upset.

I deal with that in my poetry workshop so much when someone comments on a part of my poem and how they don’t understand it when they’ve obviously just listened to me read it and haven’t read it as they would read a poem for a class.

The answer is there.

It just seems like a really unnecessary thing to criticize about the book and implies to me that the person criticizing it hasn’t given the book a genuinely critical reading.

Has anyone making fun of the cigarette metaphor from tfios considered that it’s a silly metaphor created by a teenage boy and used during the gas station incident later in the book to illustrate the innocence of Augustus through his desire to cling to naïve pieces of his identity and to highlight his fear of death?

  #tfios    #it's a bad metaphor because he's a teenager and doesn't understand how silly it looks    #let me read your poetry from highschool and we'll talk about bad metaphors you used with utmost sincerity  
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Broken sweethearts who sleep apart
Both still pine for the other’s side spine…

#1 hottest trend for teen girls: international terrorism

  #the absurd tumblr post that could be a joke but sadly is not